Kids Health: Fitness & Nutrition Guide

You only get one body, and it’s our job to keep that body as healthy as we can throughout our lives. Everyone gets sick sometimes but we can be the healthiest we can be if we learn about our bodies and what is good for them. We can think of our bodies as an engine. Engines need fuel to keep them running. Our body’s fuel comes in the form of the food we eat. Better foods are better fuel: Good nutrition keeps the engine running smoothly. Engines also need to be kept in good working order, and our bodies do, too. Exercise can help us keep our body strong and powerful. When we eat healthy foods and keep our bodies strong, we are doing our part to keep the one body we get in good health.


Good nutrition is a life goal. It’s not about dieting, or cutting out an entire group of foods, or eating only lettuce or celery for the rest of our lives. Nutrition is about understanding how the foods we eat affect our bodies and then making good decisions about what to eat. A good guideline to follow is the food pyramid. The pyramid is made up of different types of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, grains, meat and beans, dairy, and sweets. The pyramid tells us how many servings of each type of food we should eat each day. The pyramid tells us to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and healthy grains, which are at the base of the pyramid. It doesn’t tell us that we should cut any kind of food out of our diet forever. Even sweets can be a part of a healthy diet if you eat them only once in a while. The pyramid helps us to plan our meals throughout the day to have the best mix of foods.

The types of foods we eat can make us feel good, or they can make us feel bad. Eating a lot of sugar and fat can make us feel good for a minute, but then we will feel tired and sluggish. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and healthy grains help us to avoid the up-and-down feelings that come with eating a lot of sugary foods. Not eating at all is also a bad idea. Eating healthy foods throughout the day helps to keep our body working well so we can do the things we need to do. Good nutrition is all about the food choices we make. The more you know about how food affects the body, the better choices you can make.


Fitness is fun. There are so many fun ways to get our bodies moving. Watching television sometimes is perfectly fine, but there is so much to see and do beyond what is found on a screen. Physical activities are a great way to get out and experience our great, big, beautiful world. Anyone can find a fun type of exercise to do. One thing you can do is join a sports team: Communities and schools often have soccer, basketball, baseball, or swimming teams, and being on a team lets you learn a sport and get exercise while making friends, too. If team sports are not your thing, there are still many activities to choose from. Go for a hike: Most neighborhoods have parks with hiking trails. You can start out on an easy, flat trail and work up to the hills and tougher climbs. Or go for a run or a bike ride. You can even just put on some music and dance around your room.

The key to fitness is to do something every day that gets your body in motion. One hour of physical activity every day is a good goal to set. This hour should be spent doing exercise that gets your heart pumping and your lungs working. This is called aerobic exercise. In addition to that hour of aerobic exercise, you could stretch or do yoga to keep your muscles strong and healthy. Stretching also helps us to avoid injuries. Whatever activity you choose to do, have fun and know that you are doing a good thing for your body.

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