STEM Resource Guide for Kids

The term “STEM” refers to four major branches of study: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Learning about STEM is important because these educational branches are an integral part of the world. Focusing on STEM can help kids grow and develop in healthy ways.

More importantly, it’s fun!

STEM activities can be some of the most exciting ones around. Studying science, kids can learn about explosions. Technology can help kids modify their video games to do what they want. With engineering, they can build the best tree house in the neighborhood. And mathematics can help them conquer board and card games.

Kids with a healthy curiosity about the world around them who are interested in learning about STEM can get started using the resources below. Learning never looked so cool!

Ultimate Tech Guide for Kids

For kids looking for new STEM toys and activities for home, or looking to buy a cool gift for a friend or sibling, has a gift guide created with kids in mind.

Math Playground

Organized by grade, this bright and engaging site begs you to play. The online games are fast-paced and engaging. Game titles tell you what math skills are being utilized, which can be good when struggling with a specific concept.

Cool Math Games

This online gaming platform offers addicting math games that can be played right on your computer.

Creative Math Activities for Kids

For a hands-on approach to mathematics, Nurture Store offers 100 creative math activities. They are organized by type of mathematics, so while some of the items on the list are for younger kids, it’s easy to find fun, age-appropriate activities here.

Math Learning Activities for Kids

These awesome, interactive math games and activities are fun ways to cure boredom after school and on weekends. It includes games that can be played with younger siblings.

STEM Works

From forensic science to space exploration, these activities give kids an opportunity to learn about and engage with exciting aspects of the real world.

Science Experiments

Science Bob offers easy-to-do science experiments with super cool results.

Science Experiments and Activities

From Legos to seashells, these nifty science experiments can be done using objects you can find at home.

The STEM Laboratory

Kids who are creative, like to work with their hands, and like to see how the world works will love the activities available through the STEM Laboratory!

Activities to Learn Computer Coding

Kids looking to learn how to code can check out these activities! Computers are not required to complete these activities, which means that curiosity does not have to end when screen-time has been used up for the day!

Coding and Animation for Kids

Kids ready to create their own animations using coding skills can do so at Scratch! This MIT-run website uses simplified coding mechanics to help kids achieve tangible results that can be shared across the ‘net.

Virtual Storytelling for Kids

Kids who like coding and story-telling may find their niche through Alice, a virtual storytelling platform that uses coding skills to help people tell beautiful web-based stories.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been helping kids connect to science for years. His website has videos and educational resources for kids.

Internet Safety for Kids and Parents

Technology is great, but using technology comes with responsibilities. These contracts and agreements can help kids and parents learn about tech safety as well as come to agreements on how to use technology in ways that are beneficial to kids’ health.

Technology Tips for Kids

Learn simple tips that can be used to navigate technology in a safe way.

Easy Science for Kids

Kids full of curiosity can learn interesting scientific facts about the world through this great resource.

How Science Stuff Works

For kids who like to learn about the world around them, the science section of How Stuff Works offers easy-to-read explanations with pictures!

Kids Ahead

Kids Ahead has activities and news articles for curious kids. It also outlines STEM jobs kids can aspire towards.

Science News for Students

Science News for Students teaches kids about science through current events. Kids can learn about what’s happening in the world right now.

STEM for Kids

From computer programming to advanced manufacturing, learn skills that can have a real impact in the world through the exciting programs offered here.

Teachers Try Science

Kids Try Science offers science lessons, virtual museum walkthroughs, and fun games for a well-rounded experience for kids.

Kids Learn About the Periodic Table

Learn about the periodic table and the elements!

Fantastic Ways to Learn About Dinosaurs

For kids interested in learning about dinosaurs, this resource links to videos and games specific to curious paleontologists-in-training.

A Kids’ Guide to Engineering

For kids who want to know more about what engineering is, as well as for kids who want to know about famous engineers, this is a great place to start learning!

Engineer Girl

There was a time when very few girls pursued STEM activities, but those times are changing. It’s cool for girls to study STEM! Learn about awesome female engineers and try out different engineering careers to see how fun they are.

Science Kids Engineering

From stethoscopes to robots, Science Kids teaches kids how to engineer cool things that can be used in the real world.

Famous Scientists

Learn about famous scientists who made a difference through these videos.

Famous Scientists and Inventors

Learn about cool scientists who discovered things about the world and invented new devices.

Famous Female Scientists

These 10 female scientists show why it’s cool for girls to care about science!

Famous Female Mathematicians

These famous female mathematicians show the difference girls can make when they put their mind towards math.

Famous Mathematicians

Unsure what people do with math? Learn about famous mathematicians and the contributions they made to the world!

STEM Summer Camp Resources

ID Tech offers fun, interesting STEM-related summer camps for kids of all ages. For those thinking of the summer ahead, this is the place to look!

Computer Camps for Kids

Kids specifically interested in the computer should check out these computer camps for kids and teens.

Technology Summer Camps for Kids

Organized by location, Kids Codecs showcases summer camps for technology-loving kids all over the world!

Engineering for Kids

If you’re looking for an awesome camp or club to build on your Engineering and STEM interests, look no further than Engineering For Kids! They offer camps, clubs, and activities for kids ages 4-14.

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